Collaborations and collectives


Sídhe is a collective of makers with an eye on wildness and transformation. They probe through layers and veils of civilisation in quest of an essence, wildness, and connection. That exploration runs through a variety of formats and activities: texts, performances, podcasts, workshops, meditations, silent walks, listening sessions and retreats, ... Caring for the self, the community and the planet is central to Sídhe’s practice.


Collective Moving Closer was founded in April 2020, at the onset of the pandemic. Moving Closer bridges art, care and (farewell) rituals. Four women develop unique projects from their expertise that create space for mourning, loss, and grief.

Moving Closer is Sophie De Somere (ONBETAALBAAR), Uus Knops (psychiatrist, author ‘Casper: een rouwboek’), Barbara Raes and Katrien Boogaerts (de dagen).

In the spring of 2021, they also stood at the cradle of Onumenten. These are circular places that aim to literally give a place to individual and collective loss experiences. Onumenten are places where we can feel connection, togetherness, and comfort. Moving Closer, together with other partners, tries to realize these Onumenten in various places in Belgium.

Amongst others, they developed the ritual ‘Let’s Tick Together’ in late 2020, in an effort to create connectedness and greater solidarity at the end of a complex covid year.


ConTribUte is a network of people who have bundled their passion, knowledge and expertise into an atypical entrepreneurial collective with a common dream: to generate truly sustainable transformation within companies, governments, profit and non-profit organisations, NGOs and all other social actors.

ConTribUte wishes to help create agile systems with alert, (self)aware leaders and passionate employees who, from within their true potential and power, help organisations transform from growth to prosperity. By lifting social structures and their people towards the best version of themselves, both people and organisations are firmly anchored in a rapidly changing world.

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