Workspace for Unacknowledged Loss

Beyond the Spoken is a workspace for unacknowledged loss. Life is a succession of ‘shedding moments': big and small events during which we shrug off the old and welcome in the new. Some of those transitions, such as birth, puberty or death, are innate and have been officialised. Others are more subdued, go unrecognised or remain unuttered out of shame, guilt or taboo, and – often subconsciously – lead a furtive life in the depths of our souls. Yet they are underestimated watershed points: divorce, abortion, a serious operation, the loss of a body part, reduced fertility, letting go of early childhood, gender reassignment, a new family structure ...

Often, this invisible grief is given limited space within which to fully exist, because we are unable to find an appropriate form (image or sound) for it. Barbara Raes’ Beyond the Spoken generates profound tailor-made farewell rituals for such grief, respecting the uniqueness of each client.

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