A mourning ritual for children who have recently experienced a big loss.

Zon dag kind is a mourning ritual through which children learn that every day is worthwhile, regardless. A child boards a beautiful ship and spends the night at sea, under a starry sky. At dawn, it is awoken by the Sun Queen (actress Karlijn Sileghem). Together, they sing for sun-up. Theirs is a rousing song. Sorrow ebbs away into the sea. This magical experience inspires the child to celebrate the day and whatever lies around the corner. Zon dag kind is a 12-hour ritual, a celebration of light and the rekindling of that light.

Zon dag kind was performed in 2018 on the North Sea (as part of Theater aan Zee), in 2019 on the river Scheldt (in collaboration with hetpaleis), and in 2021 on the Ghent Boekentoren (in collaboration with Vooruit).

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