A pilot project

A pilot project that aims to support the psycho-social well-being of young adults who are undergoing cancer treatment, and during aftercare.

2 Spaces wanted to contribute to the healing process of AYAs (Adults and Young Adults) who are undergoing cancer treatment or receiving aftercare, by improving their psycho-social well-being and using art to encourage social interaction with peers. The AYAs go through their own creative process under the guidance of Sarah Eeckhaut and Sophie De Somere. From within their personal world view, story, emotions and experiences, they draw designs for real stamps. The power of their own imagination plays an essential part in this. Under the guidance of Barbara Raes, artist Joris Oosterwijk produced a self-stamp of each AYA. Before doing this, participants took time to reflect on their intentions.
What exactly do you want to leave behind?
And then... you lie down in the paint!
Leaving everything on the canvas.
You hand something over to the earth. It goes really slowly.
Showering afterwards is also part of it.

Rinsing off …
the ink, what you no longer need.
The result is always unexpected...

The results of this pilot project were shown at Design Fest Ghent in April 2022.
A joint project by I-drops, ONBETAALBAAR, Beyond the Spoken, Stampilon and Joris Van Oosterwijk

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